The Farley Report from Phoenix #160: 6-18-12

Howdy, Friends O'Farley…  

Welcome to the first off-session monthly Farley Report of 2012. Since not much is happening policy-wise at the Capitol, this issue will be focusing on politics. 

I want to offer huge congratulations to Ron Barber and all the volunteers and contributors who helped him win last Tuesday to carry on Gabby's legacy of service to Southern Arizona. Because of our hard work, we have elected a man of integrity, intelligence, empathy, and experience to the U.S. Congress, a body that sorely needs more people like him. 

Now we need to focus on elections in the Fall, to keep Ron in office, elect Richard Carmona to the U.S. Senate, and change the majority in the Arizona Legislature. 

In any other year, the latter goal might seem far-fetched. But this year we are seeing a perfect confluence of newly competitive districts, great candidates with great resources, and an electorate energized for real change.

In fact, yesterday's Arizona Capitol Times published a cover story that quoted even Republican consultants as saying that they saw a very good possibility of a 15-15 tie in the State Senate resulting from this year's elections.

That result (or even an outright majority for commonsense Democrats) can happen, but will take as much volunteer work and contributions as we provided for the CD-8 special election.

As you know, I am running for the State Senate in the new LD9, which is one of the new competitive districts. I now have a self-described "Very Very Conservative" Republican opponent who will be running as hard as he can to oppose me, and there will be plenty of money and canvassers backing him.

You and I know that Arizona voters are sick and tired of extremist ideologues like my opponent and his friends in the Arizona legislature. The future of our state is in danger because of their actions over the last few years in the majority. 

Even prominent Republican leaders in the district like former legislator Pete Hershberger are helping to support my campaign because they know that I will do what is right for our state, regardless of partisan considerations.

We can't just sit back and assume that our friends and neighbors already know the stakes of this election. We've got to do all we can to elect a new direction for Arizona. 

That's why I am not only running hard in LD9, I am also helping Democratic candidates for the state senate all over Arizona. This is our last best opportunity to elect a majority that will create real jobs, draw the line at further cuts to education, and stop the ideologically-driven supermajority that has worsened our recession and made us the laughingstock of the nation.

I need your help.

If you can contribute $25, $50, $100, or even $200 right now, please go online to my secure website via ActBlue. We need to counter the money that will be flowing against our campaign from big out of state corporations, fueled by the Citizens United decision.

If you can volunteer to make calls or knock on doors, please sign up right now on my website. We will be redoubling our efforts after July 4, and I need as many folks helping as possible.

If you can host a house party for me in the new LD9, please also sign up on my website and email my campaign manager Alma Hernandez at so she can schedule you in. This is a great way of introducing me to your friends and neighbors so they can understand the stakes. I have a goal of attending 30 house parties in July -- you can help me get there. 

Please forward this email to your friends. 

Thank you so much for your support. We will do this together.

Finally tonight I want to share with you something not related to politics at all, but very near and dear to my heart and that of my daughters -- one of those things that makes Tucson the amazing city that we are.

You may remember several years ago I spearheaded an effort to save the uniquely Tucsonan folk-art sculptures from Magic Carpet Golf, the miniature golf course near Speedway and Wilmot that had been purchased by an auto dealer to be razed for a parking lot. 

We even ran a fundraiser for the effort in April 2008 called "One Last Round." The course was packed from morning to night -- maybe you were there. So many people bonded as a community while sharing their memories over more than 40 years of fun.

Last week the Arizona Daily Star ran a front-page followup article on where the sculptures are now -- we saved almost every last one of them! You can read the article (and an interactive map of where they are so you can visit) at this link. 

We worked together to save a miniature golf course that seemed doomed. Surely we can work together to save our state!

Thanks for your continuing faith in me as your Representative. 


Steve Farley

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