The Farley Report from Phoenix #164: 10-16-12

Howdy, Friends O'Farley… 

18 years ago today, my daughter Amelia came into my life and changed everything. 

Before her arrival I had no idea how powerful love could be. When her sister GiGi arrived a few years later on a crisp February morning, that love was multiplied many times over. 

As Amelia and GiGi both grow up into beautiful, smart, inquisitive, passionate, and dedicated young women, I am all the more committed to doing everything I can to make their lives even better than ours. That means supporting our schools, strengthening our economy, and keeping our democracy vital in the face of the onslaught of corporate money and divisive rhetoric. 

I have often told my girls that they are the reason I am committed to public service. I want them, and their generation, to inherit a world of hope, love, and promise. I don't want them to have to clean up our messes. 

I know that my family has made major sacrifices in order to allow me to serve Tucson as an elected official, and I am so thankful for their support. But I am more thankful for their existence as my touchstones, my inspiration, and my source of energy to create a better world. Amelia, happy 18th birthday! 


This is the last Farley Report before Election Day.

Early ballots are now in the hands of voters, and there are only 21 days left to work toward the outcome we need.

I have been calling independent and Republican voters every day, talking about the need for us to restore the more than $2 billion cut from our schools over the last three years, the need to support Arizona small businesses to power us out of the recession, and the need to leap partisan divides to solve problems together. 

The great news is the overwhelming majority of these voters are willing to vote for someone not of their own party in order to end extremism in Arizona. We must keep pushing through the finish line so that we can create real change.

You are invited to create change in these ways:

1) Email your friends and family members in District 9 and urge them to vote for change. Share our website, so they can see our TV ad on the home page:

2) Please Join RICH CARMONA as he kicks off our LD9 Day of Action at our Northwest Headquarters SUNDAY 10/28 at 8:30am, at 5151 N Oracle, Suite 117 (just north of River). Pick up your walking packet to knock on doors later that day, so we can spread the wave of change throughout our community. RSVP to Alma at

3) Contribute funds to help get the word out to voters. Every $20 will get mailers to 50 voters. Every $200 will reach 500 voters. Please give what you can so we can transform our state. 

4) There is nothing more effective than talking to voters at their doorsteps, and the weather has been simply gorgeous lately. We have been talking to mostly Republicans and Independents and they are clearly ready for change in the Legislature. Please walk with us and talk with your neighbors. Sign up online, call Alma at 302-0623, or you can come by our LD9 HQ (5151 N. Oracle Ste 117) at normal walking hours (4pm weekdays, 8:30am and 4pm Saturdays, or 3pm Sundays), or just drop by anytime -- we can print you a packet of people in your neighborhood that you can walk at your own pace. You can walk for the LD9 Legislative Team, Ron Barber, and Rich Carmona at the same time.

5) If you would prefer to phone, come by at the same hours, or whenever you like, and we can set you up with a phone and a call sheet. Sign up online, call Alma at 302-0623, or you can come by our LD9 HQ (5151 N. Oracle Ste 117). You can call for the LD9 Legislative Team, Ron Barber, and Rich Carmona at the same time.

Endorsement Update: Yesterday, our campaign received the endorsement of the Arizona Daily Star and the Tucson Weekly, so we now have 27 organizational endorsements:

--> Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce

--> Arizona Fraternal Order of Police

--> Arizona Nurses Association

--> Arizona Education Association

--> Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona

--> Arizona Association of Realtors

--> Associated General Contractors of Arizona

--> Arizona Alliance of Retired Americans

--> Arizona AFL-CIO

--> Arizona Multihousing Association

--> Humane Voters of Arizona

--> Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association

--> Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen

--> Planned Parenthood of Arizona

--> Arizona Medical Association


--> Arizona Academy of Family Physicians

--> Arizona State Building and Construction Trades Council

--> Sierra Club, Grand Canyon Chapter

--> Arizona Pipe Trades

--> Arizona Society of Practicing Accountants

--> International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

--> Arizona League of Conservation Voters

--> Arizona State Contractors Coalition

--> Communications Workers of America, Arizona Chapter

--> Tucson Weekly

--> Arizona Daily Star

These folks, like you, understand the importance of electing a moderate, common-sense legislature in Arizona to enact real solutions, not play partisan games. You can view this wonderful array of community organizations on my Endorsement Page, and add your name, too!  

Thank you so much for your support. We will do this together.

And thanks for your continuing faith in me as your Representative. 


Steve Farley


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