The Farley Report from Phoenix #253: 6-10-16

Welcome to the first edition of the 2016 Farley Report Monthly Off-Session Edition. News has been marching on, and I will continue to bring you some of the key events in the Arizona legisphere (is that a word?) along with what you can do to make things better.


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—> First off, deep thanks for all of you who signed and/or carried my nominating petitions. I am now officially on the ballot for re-election as your Senator in District 9. I am deeply grateful that you have given me the privilege of continuing to serve you in the Legislature.  

The rest of this report lays out a few pieces of recent evidence for why we need to elect a whole lot of new legislators so that next time I will be serving you as part of the senate majority. Put simply, the current majority does not deserve to have the levers of power in their hands anymore.

Across the country it’s becoming very clear to those of us who are paying attention that the very real danger of a Donald Trump presidency, supported by those currently in charge of our state, must spur all of us into action to use the ballot box and the political process to block their ascent at every level.

Unfortunately, we have recently watched formerly appalled Republican leaders like John McCain and Paul Ryan put aside their legitimate disgust and jump on board the Trump Train.  On the other side of the aisle, some ardent Bernie supporters who are angry that Hillary will be the Democratic candidate have taken to social media to actually argue that she is worse than Trump and does not deserve their vote. It's time for sobering perspective.

Adam Gopnik's recent article in the New Yorker reminds us that the entire American experiment is currently at grave risk. The antidote: We must find a way to overcome our differences over secondary values and join together with Americans of all beliefs who believe above all that the foundation of our constitutional democracy must be defended against petty but dangerous tyrants, even if they are entertaining.

The gist of Gopnik’s article: 

"The American Republic stands threatened by the first overtly anti-democratic leader of a large party in its modern history—an authoritarian with no grasp of history, no impulse control, and no apparent barriers on his will to power.

"If Trump came to power, there is a decent chance that the American experiment would be over. This is not a hyperbolic prediction; it is not a hysterical prediction; it is simply a candid reading of what history tells us happens in countries with leaders like Trump.

"He’s not Hitler, as his wife recently said? Well, of course he isn’t. But then Hitler wasn’t Hitler—until he was. At each step of the way, the shock was tempered by acceptance. It depended on conservatives pretending he wasn’t so bad, compared with the Communists, while at the same time the militant left decided that their real enemies were the moderate leftists, who were really indistinguishable from the Nazis."

Because you regularly read the Farley Report, you know that Donald Trump did not spring out of nowhere. He has support from a many people here in Arizona, people who currently have power and have been using his tactics for some time. Here’s a selection for your consideration: 

—> Donald Trump routinely blames others for his mistakes. In a worshipful puff piece cover story in the National Review published yesterday, Gov. Doug Ducey actually blames President Obama for Prop 123 nearly losing. 

"After eight years of President Obama and his policies, we’ve seen an erosion of trust. That’s why Prop 123 was a heavier lift than what a lot of people expected."

Amazing. Way to take responsibility, Governor. #‎RememberInNovember

—> Donald Trump believes that our public lands should be opened up to unregulated business to extract anything they need, regardless of the danger to human health. A few days ago at the Flagstaff Tea Party meeting, Rep. Bob Thorpe bragged about his bill to stop the Federal Government from protecting the Grand Canyon watershed from uranium mining.

When we debated his bill this session I mentioned that the last round of uranium mining sickened and killed thousands of Navajo people and despoiled the lands. The majority supporters said it had nothing to do with uranium mining, it was just standing up to federal overreach.

In an article in the Payson Roundup, Thorpe celebrated that the bill, now a law signed by Gov. Ducey, was always all about opening up the Grand Canyon watershed to uranium mining.

Also, check out his quote that churches are only helping refugees because that's their "cash cow". WWJD? #‎RememberInNovember

—> And while we are talking District 6, let’s not forget the current District 6 Senator, Sylvia Allen. Donald Trump routinely attacks people who challenge him at his rallies. Last year Sen. Allen channeled Trump when she went after her audience of concerned parents at her own education town hall. Here’s the article with the juicy quotes. #‎RememberInNovember

—> Donald Trump says Mexicans are criminals, drug-dealers, and rapists.  According to the Kingman Daily Miner at a Republican forum in Kingman Jennifer Jones, a Republican candidate for the House from Quartzsite, shared that undocumented immigrants are like cats prowling a neighborhood for scraps of food. She continued,  “It's my goal as a legislator is to make sure Arizona is not offering tuna to the tomcats.” 

Trump doubles down on outrageous statements. Jones went on to say regarding her support for getting rid of gun laws, “I don’t care who’s in the bathroom stall next to me because I carry.”  

Trump blames water regulations for his inability to wash his hair properly. (Seriously!) Senate Republican candidates Ron Gould and Sonny Borrelli argued at the same forum that the way to solve our water problems is to get rid of all the laws and regulations. #‎RememberInNovember

—> Donald Trump’s friends in Arizona have been working for years to maintain their lock on their majority by passing voter suppression laws and unleashing the power of anonymous political money in politics. Secretary of State Michele Reagan has spent her two years in office working with former corporate dark-money elections attorney Eric Spencer — now her Elections Director — to completely rewrite the state’s election laws to suit his former clients’ and current boss’s interests. 

Understand that while she focused on this task, she ignored state laws on what she is supposed to be doing — running elections, sending out ballot pamphlets on time and updating the official elections handbook for the current election, for example. #‎RememberInNovember

Spencer and Reagan’s efforts resulted in SB1516, which was signed by Gov. Ducey a couple of months ago. In its astonishing sweep of provisions, it dramatically expands the amount of anonymous money in elections and takes away from any state agency the power to enforce election laws violated by political committees. 

If 1516 is allowed to take effect, it could well cement in place the power of those who currently have power thanks to the support of large anonymous corporate donors. And that ain’t us.  

There is something important we can all do to stop this bill — I am already doing it, and I ask you to join. Carry petitions to refer this bad law to the ballot, so we can all vote it down in November. Thanks to the foresight of our progressive ancestors, we have the power of referendum, and this is exactly what that power was designed for.  

If you are ready to gather signatures and you are in Pima County, you can pick up a few petitions at the Pima County Democratic Party HQ, 4639 E 1st St near Speedway and Swan.

For more info on how you can help, visit

—> If you can help contribute your light money to fight their dark money this campaign, I have two opportunities for you. 

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Our group, Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (ADLCC), has recruited and trained excellent candidates in all our targets, and for the first time we have Democrats running in all 30 districts. We have paid for tireless field organizers who are already on the ground assisting these candidates and making sure they are in a position to win. 

This is an event you will NOT want to miss. We are asking everyone to contribute to the best of their ability, and you will most definitely get your money’s worth, not just from the election of a new majority, but also because we will have an open full bar, great food, and while I can’t promise this yet, there is a strong possibility that we will also have a jawdroppingly exciting special guest. I am not trying to be coy here, we just can’t reveal who it is until we confirm, if that happens. 

Please RSVP ASAP because we may fill to capacity on this one. This is the online link to get your ticket. See you there!

—> And in case you still need some convincing that the current majority is not acting in our best interests, here are a few updates of the bills that were as of the last Farley Report still on the Governor’s desk awaiting action:

> HB2123 to declare that Corporation Commissioner Andy Tobin’s conflict of interest is not a conflict of interest

> HB2023 to allow retired law enforcement officers to carry guns into bars

> HB2585 to oppose protecting the greater Grand Canyon area from uranium mining 

> The puppy mill bill SB1248 to enshrine in state law inhumane regulations for dog breeders that allow mothers to be confined in wire cages 6" longer than their bodies and 6" higher than their bodies, stacked on top of (or below) four other mothers in cages which only have to be washed once every two weeks. 

The update? Gov. Ducey signed them all.  #‎RememberInNovember

Thanks for your continuing faith in me as your Senator. 


Steve Farley

Senator, District 9, Tucson

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