The Farley Report from Phoenix #255: 8-15-16

It’s been a stormy summer so far, which is good for Arizona if you are talking about the water we need, but not so good for the country if you’re talking about unnecessary hot air emanating from a certain person at the top of a national ticket. 

Seriously though, the Trump nomination does have one bright spot — the possibility of a huge turnout on the part of anti-Trump voters who will also vote for a new majority in the Arizona Legislature. More on how to help that happen after the Farley Report Pledge Break.


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—> 2) And to help elect a new Democratic majority in the Arizona THIS YEAR, please contribute to the ADLCC (Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee) and your investment will be spent in the most effective manner that will get us the majority. National groups have stated that the legislative chamber most likely in the country to flip red to blue is the Arizona Senate; we need the resources to help make that happen.CLICK HERE TO CONTRIBUTE to ADLCC.


—> I am blessed to not face an opponent in this year’s election. Thank you all for your constant support. I am grateful you continue put your confidence in me as your Senator. 

However, I’m not just kicking back. I’m taking action to create lasting change throughout Arizona.


This summer I went to Saddlebrooke in Pinal County to rally folks for LD11 Senate candidate Ralph Atchue. I walked in Flagstaff with LD6 candidate Nikki Bagley. I shared fry bread and indescribably delicious beef cooked in the earth for 24 hours in the Navajo Nation with LD7 Senate candidate Jamescita Peshlakai at a huge gathering in Tolani Lake. I opened up a new campaign headquarters in Tempe in support of LD18 Senate candidate Sean Bowie and LD18 House candidate Mitzi Epstein. And I’m not going to stop. 

After serving for ten years at the Capitol in the minority, I know how much damage has been done and will continue to be done to Arizonans unless we are able to flip the current majority. If our numbers do not change, the next Senate President will be Steve Yarbrough, the sponsor of 2015’s SB1062 (the bill to allow businesses to refuse service to LGBTQ people) and the originator of the private-school voucher system and several other ways of gutting our public schools. 

Let me be clear. I respect Sen. Yarbrough as a good man who is doing what he thinks is best for Arizona. I just think his ideas are harmful and he should not have the power that comes with control of the Senate. If you agree with me, please help me in my quest to #FlipTheSenate.  

This year, we need just three more seats to change the majority in the Arizona Senate. Terrible bills will be stopped in their tracks. Great bills that have been quashed by the current majority will finally be given fair hearings. Democrats will finally have a true voice from the beginning in budget negotiations. New voices will ring out, and we will all be the better for it — red, blue and green.  

A new majority will not involve score settling. I know that good ideas come from both sides of the aisle and refusing to hear Republican bills is just as bad as refusing to hear Democratic bills. In a national context of political conflict and gridlock, a new Arizona majority can point the way to a renewed democracy based on fair hearings for everyone in the context of mutual respect. 

Why not choose committee chairs based on expertise, not political party? Why not let bills live or die on their merits, regardless of what one committee chair or one Senate President feels about them? Why not put all of the people first, not just those who voted for us in our primary? 

In an era in which increasing numbers of people are turned off by a rising ugliness in politics, I believe we can rise above and create a new politics of shared governance born of respect, hope, and reason, enacting visionary policy rooted in practicality.  

Specifically, we can rebuild our education system at all levels to give our kids and our economy the tools they need to succeed. We can make sure our kids are safe by focusing on prevention programs that fix broken families. We can invest in the infrastructure that creates jobs, attracts business, and improves our quality of life. We can focus on the needs we all have in common, stop bickering, and get to work. That’s what Arizonans all want, not matter their party preference. 

We can do this by electing a new majority. And you can help me make this happen. 

We have the candidates in place who will deliver this majority. We just need to make sure they have the resources they need to win. 

Please donate what you can to our caucus-led Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (ADLCC) today. Every dollar will be spent in the most effective manner with one purpose: a new Arizona majority.

I will match every dollar you donate through this link from now through this Friday, August 19. That’s how strongly I feel about the importance of this effort. Thank you for joining me.

And tell your friends. We can do this. 

Thanks for your continuing faith in me as your Senator. 


Steve Farley

Senator, District 9, Tucson

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