Steve Farley, the leader we need

Thanks to your support, Steve was re-elected to the Arizona Senate once again in 2016. 

Our state's problems are too big for any one political party to solve. We need to come together to enact solutions that work for all our citizens.

Steve knows it can be done – because it is being done, right here in Southern Arizona, by the hard-working people of our community.  People who don’t wake up every day thinking about partisanship, but instead about how to make their family’s and community’s lives just a little bit better.

We can create good jobs. We can strengthen our kids' schools and draw the line at more cuts to classroom funding. We can secure the border at the border without scapegoating anyone or endangering our economy. We can support our seniors, veterans, and middle-class families as they fight to keep their homes and their health. These should not be partisan issues.

Steve's strong legislative experience combined with real-life common sense means he has the ability to move Arizona forward. But he needs your help. Please contribute what you can to his campaign here.

If you have any questions, email me at I will answer all your emails personally.

To see some of Steve Farley's fine art photography click here, and public artworks click here.