Why Elect Steve to the State Senate?

Steve Farley meets with seniors"Keep fighting for us. You're doing a great job." --the late Steve Emerine

“You’ve got my vote again and again and forevermore.”
--Susan Thorpe

“Every time Steve Farley sends out an e-mail, I am prouder and prouder to have worked for him.” -- Ryen Hanna

Steve Farley is dedicated to creating a better future for all Arizonans through sound policy, smart strategy, and hard work.

"He can make things happen, and it's not in the traditional political way," said Tucson community activist Clague Van Slyke III in an article in the Tucson Weekly. "He has great ideas; he has a lot of vision, and he can get things done by bringing people together. And he’s not hidebound by traditional political ties."

Steve has been extremely effective in fighting for Tucson's values and winning victories against all odds. Steve believes in action, not just talk. He has created good jobs, stood tall against cuts to our kids' schools, and worked to improve public safety. Here are a few of Steve's accomplishments:

    • Assistant Minority Leader, Senate Democrats
    Assistant Minority Leader, House Democrats
  • Policy Leader, House Democratic Caucus
  • Helped to create thousands of good jobs while fixing regional roadways like La Cholla and La Cañada by enacting the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA)
  • Fought to stop devastating cuts to K-12 and higher education
  • Successfully pushed through a law to help middle-class families get a tax break to help pay for long-term care for the seniors they love
  • Fighting to protect child safety in Arizona
  • Helped to bring $63 million in federal money to create jobs in Tucson this year through the Modern Streetcar project.
  • Played key role in enactment of Solar Jobs bill
  • First in the country to legislate against Driving While Texting
  • Named one of 16 Arizonans to Watch in 2016 by the Arizona Republic
  • Arizona League of Conservation Voters “Conservation Hero”
  • League of Arizona Cities and Towns “Legislative Champion”
  • Ranking Member, Senate Finance Committee
  • Member, Senate Appropriations Committee
  • Member, Senate Financial Institutions Committee
  • Member, House and Senate Ethics Committees
  • Member, House and Senate Transportation, Ways & Means, and Military Affairs and Public Safety Committees
  • Saved health care for 21,000 small-business owners and employees
  • Sponsored bills to clean our air, put solar panels on schools, promote water harvesting, recycle electronics, and expand health care
  • Founder, Southern Arizona Transit Advocates
  • Building high-speed passenger rail between Tucson and Phoenix
  • Class President, Western Legislative Academy
  • University of Arizona College of Education Public Service Award
  • Small-business owner for more than 25 years
  • Creator, Tucson's historic Broadway Underpass Murals
  • Husband and father, son of two public-school teachers

“All I can say is, I am really glad I voted for you.” --Tim Jull

“You are a brilliant and compassionate representative of real people.” --Andrea Markowitz

“Hope and possibility at last!!!” --Linda Rothschild

“You are the FIRST political member I have worked for that still remembers to continue updating their supporters after winning and ‘sitting’ in their position, not merely adding ‘fluff’ to their image.” --John Roldan

“We are so blessed to have you in the House.” --Mary Lou Focht